The correct facial care

Approximately 90% of the population are not satisfied with the condition of their skin. Some will say their skin is too dry and flaking, another are bothered with a greasy and irritated skin, the others just want to stop aging. Luckily, the modern cosmetology offers endless numbers of products suitable for any type of skin and age. The most important rule here is to keep the complex treatment program using proper skin care cosmetic products. This program must contain 5 basic stages – cleaning, toning, moisturizing, nourishment and protection. Let’s talk about each step more closely.


Is the basic procedure in the skin care, because only clean skin can be healthy. The main purpose of cleaning is to remove impurities, make-up and dead skin sells thus preparing skin for further moisturizing and nourishment.Usually cleaning phase includes using face washers, make-up removals and exfoliation twice a week.
Unlike soap, liquid face washers are less harmful to a delicate face skin, especially around eyes. They don’t dry out your skin, contain less sodium lauryl sulfate, which damages the skin’s proactive layer, and comprise moisturizing ingredients (glycerin, oils) and vitamins. After washing your face you can finish the cleaning with cosmetic milk or other cleansing applying them on a cotton disk and delicately removing vestiges of cosmetics from your face. You can use special cleansers around the eyes with more gentle action. To finish the cleansing phase you should use exfoliating scrubs or lotions to peel off dead  skin cells. These cells prevent penetration of cosmetics ingredients from creams and serums into the external layers of the skin and can clog pores. That’s why using exfoliation we not only make our skin smooth and fresh but also prepare it for further treatment.


After you cleaned your skin don’t forget to apply some tonic. Tonics close pores or make them more visible, moisturize and recover acid-base balance. It is especially important to use tonics for those who has greasy and irritated skin


This is probably the most important step because it is proven that skin aging appear, most of all, because of the moisture lost. Dehydrated skin flakes, it is more prone to early wrinkles. You cosmetic cream, serum or gel contain humectants that hydrate skin and recover the lipid skin layer. Such facial care products have glycerin, hyaluronic acid, coenzymes, natural olives and extracts. It is important to remember that your facial cream is not suitable for more delicate skin around eyes and you need to make sure to have an additional eye skin product.


It is a mistake to think that nourishment is only needed for a young skin or that your basic cream can cope with this task. Nourishment skin care products replenish the skin with vital elements such as lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. On the cell level nourishing means the active and passive transmission of molecules epidermis consists of. These transmitted molecules must penetrate through the membrane. If the epidermis membrane is damages (under influence of UV radiation, free radicals, toxic products), the cells lose the ability to absorb liquid, minerals, proteins and other. Nourishment skin care allow to recover the membrane and deliver nourishment substances into the skin. Usually such skin treatments are night creams and serums that work better when your skin is relaxed. Also they have with rich consistency that may look a little greasy on a face and that’s why not suitable for day care products. Also facial masks contain a highly-concentrated ingredients for an intensve care and nourishment.


UV radiation is one of the main skin enemies. The long exposition to the sun leads to the loss of flexibility and early wrinkles occurrence. It is recommended that we use SPF-containing creams and lotions. Luckily most of the day creams contain sun-protective ingredients.

How can I find these product?

Luckily, nowadays if you want to try any new cosmetics you don’t have to even leave your home. Now we have a luxury called Internet where you can browse through thousands of skin care cosmetics, read feedbacks, choose what you think is the best for you and order with delivery to your house.

If it is not enough for you to just look at the picture you can use an old-fashioned way to get yourself some cosmetics but why to limit yourself with visiting just one store and their range of products? Today big cosmetics trade shows are held almost in every city where you can get first-hand information from manufacturers about hundreds of products, receive samples, get dermatologist consultation. But most important you can look at all portable trade show counters laden with cosmetics products that you can test, smell, apply. What more can a girl dream of. And from all the variety of products you will definitely find the one that is perfect for your skin.